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The Nod, Texas Tech Regents are in the midst of their annual Board of Regents meeting for the 2016-17 academic year.

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Next stop is the 5 J Gallery, where you will find 12 exhibitions of local and visiting artists each year. The gallery also has a large collection of artworks by local artists as well as art from around the world. It has been recognized as the leading magazine for sculpture, painting, ceramics and more exhibited throughout the Texas Tech system. Overland Partners' proposed master plan for downtown Lubbock's Sounding Arts District includes a new art gallery, art galleries, restaurants, shops and restaurants.

A thriving art scene is not yet part of this vision, but there is no doubt that Lubbock, Texas, has one of the most vibrant art scenes in the state of Texas. The art scene lives on the sprawling campus of Texas Tech University, with a thriving community of artists, galleries, restaurants, shops and restaurants.

If you prefer visual performance art, Lubbock has many options, including the 10 listed here. There is a clear attraction (pun intended) to the art scene, especially in the city's artistic areas, such as the Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Texas State Museum.

There are many public artworks on display at Texas Tech, and the free and open - the - public collection is growing. Each year, more than $1 million of the university's $3.5 million annual budget is allocated to accompany the commissioned permanent artworks at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Texas State Museum and other art galleries. The TexasTech campus is filled with a diverse collection of works by some of today's leading artists. Although the exhibition changes several times a year and hosts a variety of exhibitions, it is a must-see for any art lover from Lubbock, regardless of age or background.

The Art Trail on the first Friday is not only a great way to experience the art of Lubbock, but also makes downtown Lubbock a destination for local artists and art lovers. The event brings thousands of outside income to the city of Lubock, as its citizens and visitors support small downtown businesses, buy local art and food, and shop in local shops and restaurants. In addition to providing funding for arts programs and improving facilities and investing in West Texas artists, Texas Tech and the Texas State Museum of Contemporary Art have partnered with local artist Adam Büchele and his team to host exhibitions at the museum and other local galleries and museums.

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Hopkins offers courses, workshops and programs at one of the best-equipped recording studios in Lubbock, Texas, and the largest recording studio in Texas.

LHUCA is an element of the Lubbock Cultural District dedicated to supporting young artists and enabling the public to connect with them and their art. The visual and performing arts spectacle is the largest and most successful arts festival in the state of Texas and one of only a handful of its kind. Each year, it hosts a weekend - a long event that attracts over 100 artists from across the nation. LUBBOCK Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that Lubberock has a vibrant and growing arts scene.

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More About Lubbock