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Texas Tech has appointed Matt Wells as head coach of the Red Raiders, which begins the 2019 season. Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley won't go, and I choose to believe in the vision of our Texas football coach and our players looking forward.

Texas Tech Football could try to sign former Oklahoma State coach Gary Littrell, but that would be a nightmare scenario for the Red Raiders, but I don't intend to let that happen. Texas Tech suspended, terminated and fired Leach allegedly because of an inappropriate relationship with his former assistant, who is now a TexasTech football coach at the University of Texas at San Antonio (Texas A & M). He was running back coach for four years under former Red Raider and current Oklahoma coach Todd Gurley.

If he does, most Texas Tech fans will be disappointed that he did so at Pat Mahomes "expense, but it will still be nice for the Red Raiders to see an aluminum helicopter lift the Lombardi Trophy.

The Red Raiders have been one of three football teams since 2008, but Texas Tech University's football history picks up exactly what it left off. Find your seat for the game at Red Raider Stadium in Lubbock, Texas on Saturday, November 5 at 7: 30 p.m. CT.

Texas Tech first played the Aggies in 1927, and the teams have played annually since 1957. Texas Tech football games are the most frequently played in University of Texas history as part of Lubbock's Red Raider football program. In fact, according to the Texas Athletic Department, the Texas Tech Red Raiders have played more games against opponents in their history than any other team in college football history. Revenue and expenses are split between Texas State University ($1.5 million), Texas University - San Antonio (over $3 million) and Texas College of Law (over $2 million).

Since the team entered the Big 12 Conference in 1996, Texas Tech has won 10 in a row while Texas A & M has won six. The last time Texas lost to TexasTech was in 2017, when the Red Raiders defeated the Longhorns 27-23, and it was the first meeting between the two teams in Lubbock since the 1990s. Since then, it was the only loss in the series, a 31-20 loss to the Aggies in 2010.

The last time Texas lost to Texas Tech was in 2017, when the Red Raiders defeated the Longhorns 27-23, and it was the first meeting between the two teams in Lubbock since the 1990s. The Texans' last loss to Texas Tech came in 2016, when they lost 24-21 to Oklahoma State and then lost 31-20 to Texas A & M in the 2014 championship game. TexasTech took a 14-14 lead into the fourth quarter of the second half and led 24-21 against Oklahoma State, then tried a side-trap.

Texas had not scored more than 27 points in its past four games, down from 28 at halftime against the Red Raiders. SaRodorick Thompson's 75-yard touchdown run 75 yards seemed to seal the Longhorns' fate as he put Texas Tech up 56-41 with just 3: 13 left in the game. Instead of chasing an upset victory at the end of the season, the Red Raiders had three drives that ended in deep in Texas territory, all on third - and - long plays in their own end zone, and all three drives ended with a down, deep into Texas territory. SaRod Thompson's 70-yard touchdown run 76 yards in front of 7,000 fans at Red Raider Stadium in Lubbock appears to have sealed the fate of the Texas Longhorn, which catapulted TexasTech to 56th place. -41 withonly 3: 13 left In the fourth quarter, the touchdown runs of Sa Rodoricks appeared to be 75-40 and 70-42. When they put us in front 66: 43, it sealed our fate. 3 minutes, 41 seconds to go, 56: 41.

Texas Tech's Kevin McCullar buried a 3-pointer to pull the Red Raiders to 80-77 with 49 seconds left on the clock in overtime, but he got the ball back with 20 seconds left after Kyler Edwards intercepted. Texas Tech's "Kevin" McCullar buried a 4-point field goal from the left side of the field and then buried another 3-pointer to the right, pulling the red-hot Red Raiders within one point of Texas, 75-75, with a 49-second clock for extra time. With 20 seconds left, TexasTech's Kevin 'McClarrier' buries a 5-foot-6, 100-pound ball behind the arc and gets the ball back after bouncing off Kyler's Edwards.

The Red Raiders turned the game around with a fended cross-field pass from Texas Tech in the fourth quarter, 75-75, at halftime. Kevin McCullar of the Red Raiders, a 6-foot-8, 100-pound quarterback, leapt over the Longhorns "defense built by quarterback Jett Duffey and scored a touchdown on the first play of the second half to take a 49-47 lead. Kyler Edwards, the Texans' red-hot quarterback, leaps off the line as he recovers a lateral throw at the Texas 3-yard line by Texas Tech on Saturday, December 2, 2016. Kevin McClaren, one of the RedRaiders' most dangerous offensive players, brought the game back to halftime with a drop goal from the Texans' penalty line, giving the team a 76-73 lead at halftime.

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