Lubbock Texas Hilton Hotel

An investment group led by Travis Stribling of Q 505 is pushing ahead with plans for a 140-room hotel in Lubbock, Texas, just south of the university campus. It is to become the DoubleTree Hilton at its new location, the hotel's owner and operator, Texas Hilton Group, LLC, announced today.

After five years of being closed and empty, the Radisson will be rebuilt and open in summer 2018. The hotel will retain a large skylight that illuminates the hotel bar and lounge with natural light.

Originally developed in the 1970s as a Hilton hotel as the new Lubbock Civic Center, the Hilton branding has come full circle. In Plainview in 1920, building a new Grand Hotel was a serious matter of pride and prestige, to strengthen the city's reputation as host of the world's largest and most prestigious sporting events, such as the World Expo and Texas State Fair.

On June 30, 1929, however, the Plainview Sunday Herald noted that this was indeed the sixth of the newly organized Hilton hotels. Garretson was sold to O.J. Bryson, who continued to run the hotel as the Hilton Hotel until 1981, then renamed Hilton Apartments. The property passed from Hilton to Hilton Co. and in the 1970s to the city of Lubbock.

Hilton, meanwhile, regained control of the Garretson Hotel and other properties in the Lubbock area in 1934 after a lengthy legal battle. After a year, Hilton made up for its investment by buying the Hilton Hotel, Grand Central Hotel in Houston and a number of other hotels in Texas.

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In 1925, he took on the task of building the first Hilton Hotel in Dallas, which cost $1 million. Hilton later wrote: "A year later, I built a Hilton in Houston, followed by Marlin in San Angelo, Plainview in Lubbock and finally the Hilton in Austin.

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