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We are pleased to announce that the Texas CIT Association 2021 conference will be held September 23-25, 2019 at the Lubbock Texas Hyatt Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Organised and hosted by Texas Tech University College of Business and the University of Texas at Austin, the conference will take place this year in the heart of Dallas' Downtown Reunion District. The conference is being held in partnership with the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCTB), which is proud to present the Texas Citrus Conference and Exposition (TCCE) 2019, which will take place in downtown Dallas from September 22-23 and 25, 2019, respectively. In addition to the Congress Centre, the conference and Expo will also be held at the Dallas Downtown's Downtown Reunion District and the Houston Convention Center.

The hotel is located at 111 E. Main Street, Lubbock, Texas, just blocks from the University of Texas at Austin. Remember the Alamo, try Austin tacos and more at the Texas CIT Association 2021 conference in Dallas. E, the hotel's signature restaurant, with a menu of Austin tacos - tastes and remembers, as well as a bar and a full-service restaurant.

The Expo has a free official mobile app that you can download, which is great for viewing the event agenda and planning your schedule. Sid Hudson owns and operates the Lubbock Texas Hyatt Hotel and the Texas CIT Association 2021 Expo. He has more than 30 years of experience in business development, marketing, business management, technology consulting and technology education, so don't forget to visit him and see what TWUC has to offer. On the website you will find more information about the events of the hotel and partners as well as a complete list of hotels in the area.

When searching for businesses in Amarillo, use the keyword search box below and search the categories for quick links or take a look at the categories and skip them. To receive special group rates, please call 214-720-2020 and call SGCI 2019 to see if you can find yourself in the industry at the Texas CIT Association 2021 Expo in Lubbock, Texas.

Book a hotel room or find someone to share a taxi, Uber or Lyft with you to drive to a conference or event.

A continental breakfast is served daily in the lobby, as well as a daily breakfast in the hotel's breakfast bar, where a variety of breakfast options are available. Breakfast options include breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos, lunch and dinner, and breakfast and lunch options for dinner.

The Texas PRIMA annual conference offers a wide range of educational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Texas Conference on Digital Libraries will address topics such as the state of digital libraries in Texas and the future of the digital library industry, as well as a wide range of information technology and digital media topics. The contents of the conference will be the same every day and will cover topics related to best practices and common problems of Texas notaries. Many events offer training credits and there is a chance to welcome participants to UT Austin 2019. If you have not registered, please enter your name in the list of participants.

We accept applications for bachelor, diploma and advanced training degrees in law, law enforcement, business, accounting, finance, administrative or other related fields.

If you have any questions about the conference or training, please call us at 512 - 475 - 4600 or send us an e-mail. The conference will be held at the Lubbock Texas Hyatt Hotel and Conference Center, located on the second floor of the Houston Convention Center in downtown Houston, Texas.

The Lubbock Texas Hyatt Hotel and Conference Center and Houston Convention Center in downtown Houston, Texas, for the conference and training April 12-14, 2016.

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