World's First Canned Oat-Milk Latte is Coming Soon

Published 08-07-2018

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Interested in a dairy-free alternative to milk in your latte? Oat milk is all the rage these days, and if you want an easy and quick way to try it, just wait until September. That's when RISE Brewing Co. will release the world's first canned oat-milk latte, in mocha and latte varieties.

"The response to the oat-milk lattes has been really exciting," said RISE chief operating officer Melissa Kalimov in an email to The Daily Meal. "Fans are responding to the creamy nature, and loving the fact that they are organic and dairy-free."

The company will introduce three organic nitro cold-brew canned coffee drinks, two of which use oat milk. The new line includes an oat-milk latte, an oat-milk and cacao mocha, and a traditional dairy latte. All have 150 calories or fewer. RISE also offers canned nitro cold brew in original, blood orange and lemonade flavors.

The drinks were introduced at the New York Fancy Food Show in July, and would-be buyers seem enthused. "They were by far the hit of the booth," Kalimov said.

There's no specific release date yet, but expect to see the drinks in select stores as of early September. You'll be able to find them in various stores in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and in Oregon and Washington in the Pacific Northwest. The drinks can be bought online via Amazon and RISE's website. Whole Foods and Foodkick delivery service should also have the beverages.

If you need an excuse to try out an oat-milk latte, here are 14 reasons you should drink more coffee.

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