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All dog breeds are great, but some people just prefer certain dogs over others. To find the most popular dog breed in every state, we went straight to the source: the American Kennel Club. The 135-year-old organization is the country's leading authority on all things canine, and the world's largest and oldest non-profit all-breed registry. It recognizes 193 breeds and counting.

The AKC doesn't register mixed-breed or "designer" dogs like the labradoodle (labrador retriever and poodle), puggle (pug and beagle) or cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle). The official list recognizes purebred AKC-registered pooches only, so ours does too. What is the most popular pup in your state? Keep reading to find out.

Alabama: Labrador retriever

Sweet home Alabama loves the sweet labrador retriever. These lovable and intelligent pups have a hard, dense coat that comes in yellow, black and chocolate brown.

Alaska: Labrador retriever

Alaska might be known as the Last Frontier, but the labrador retriever ranks first for the most popular dog in this state.

Arizona: Labrador retriever

The labrador retriever strikes again. The kind-eyed, famously friendly animal is the most popular dog in Arizona.

Arkansas: Labrador retriever

The state bird of Arkansas is the Northern mockingbird. If the Natural State had an official dog though, it'd be the labrador retriever.

California: French bulldog

The French bulldog is California dreaming. This wrinkly, bat-eared pup is the Golden State's favorite four-legged companion.

Colorado: Labrador retriever

In Colorado, you'll find the longest continuous street in the country, the planet's largest natural hot springs pool, the largest flat-top mountain in the world and a bunch of labrador retrievers. It's the most popular breed in the state.

Connecticut: Labrador retriever

Nearly 60% of Connecticut is covered in woodland, which means there are plenty of sticks for the labrador retriever to choose from. It's the state's preferred dog.

Delaware: Labrador retriever

Delaware is one of the smallest states in America, consisting of just three counties. While the state may be tiny, its love of the labrador retriever is huge. Cornelissen

Florida: Labrador retriever

Too bad dogs can't go to Disney World, because there are a ton of labrador retrievers in Florida, and we feel like they'd really enjoy it.

Georgia: Labrador retriever

Ray Charles had Georgia on his mind, and the people of the Peach State have the labrador retriever on theirs.

Hawaii: French bulldog

The French bulldog is living on island time. The chunky little breed is super popular among city dwellers, but also among those living in tropical Hawaii.

Idaho: Labrador retriever

At one point in time, people thought the name "Idaho" came from a Native American word meaning "gem of the mountains," but it's actually completely made up. What's not made up though, is the fact that Idaho's favorite dog is the labrador retriever.

Illinois: Labrador retriever

In Mount Pulaski, Illinois, it's illegal for boys to throw snowballs at trees. It is not against the law for the state's most popular dog to do the same, but the labrador retriever doesn't have opposable thumbs, so it won't do that anyway.

Indiana: German shepherd

Indiana is one of just five states that doesn't claim the labrador retriever as its top dog. The Hoosier State is down with German shepherds, a large, highly intelligent and courageous breed. Sorensen

Iowa: Labrador retriever

Iowa is the only state name that starts with two vowels. If it could read, we think the state's most popular dog, the labrador retriever, would be really impressed by that.

Kansas: Labrador retriever

Kansas' most famous dog, Toto from the "Wizard of Oz," was a cairn terrier. If the movie were made today, he might just be a labrador retriever. It's the Sunflower State's favorite dog breed.

Kentucky: Beagle

Kentucky is the only state that has more beagles than any other breed. This hunting hound dog is loyal, energetic and curious with big brown or hazel eyes.

Louisiana: Labrador retriever

The official dog of Louisiana is the Catahoula leopard, which is the only breed of dog to have historically originated in the state. It's not the most popular though. That honor goes to the labrador retriever.

Maine: Labrador retriever

Maine is abundant with seafood shacks and incredible lobster rolls, but also with labrador retrievers waiting for you to drop a piece of lobster roll at said seafood shack.

Maryland: Labrador retriever

Maryland is known for fishing. It produces the most blue crabs in the whole country. Oh, and dog owners love labrador retrievers.

Massachusetts: Labrador retriever

If all the labrador retrievers in Massachusetts were Boston Red Sox fans, we bet they'd be rooting for Dustin Paw-droia.

Michigan: Labrador retriever

Michigan is the only place in the country with a floating post office. Maybe people are mailing their relatives super cute photos of their labrador retrievers.

Minnesota: Labrador retriever

Labrador retrievers require a lot of exercise. They love to swim and, luckily for Minnesotans, the state is dubbed the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," so there are plenty of spots where they can take a dip and do the doggy paddle.

Mississippi: Labrador retriever

Mississippi is plentiful with lush forests, soybeans, sweet potatoes and, you guessed it, labrador retrievers. The outgoing breed is the Magnolia State's most popular pooch.

Missouri: Labrador retriever

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is the tallest man-made monument in America. At 630 feet, it's way taller than the state's most popular dog: the labrador retriever.

Montana: Labrador retriever

Many dog owners in Montana have a labrador retriever, some of which are yellow like the state's version of oatmeal, Cream of the West, made from roasted wheat.

Nebraska: Labrador retriever

The biggest mammoth skeleton on display is at the University of Nebraska State Museum in Lincoln. It's nicknamed Archie, which sounds like a really cute name for a labrador retriever, Nebraska's favorite breed.

Nevada: Labrador retriever

Many people claim that they've seen extraterrestrials along State Route 375 in Nevada, so in 1996 the state transportation board changed its name to "Extraterrestrial Highway." We can't confirm whether or not any of the state's labrador retrievers have witnessed alien activity, though.

New Hampshire: Labrador retriever

The first American in space was the late Alan Shepard, who was born in Derry, New Hampshire. Back on Earth, labrador retrievers are beloved by the astronaut's home state population.

New Jersey: Labrador retriever

The Jonas Brothers grew up in New Jersey and we think all of the labrador retrievers here 10/10 would really like the band's "Happiness Begins" album.

New Mexico: Labrador retriever

We don't know if a UFO really crashed in Roswell in 1947, but we do know that dog owners in New Mexico love their labrador retrievers. Brown

New York: Labrador retriever

With approximately 8.5 million residents, New York City is the most populous city in America, and the labrador retriever is the most popular dog in the state.

North Carolina: Labrador retriever

Dog moms and dads in North Carolina have lots of labrador retrievers. We think they'd really like the Outer Banks, a lovely group of islands with beautiful beaches and state parks.

North Dakota: Labrador retriever

Jamestown, North Dakota, is home to the world's largest fake buffalo, dubbed "Dakota Thunder." It's 26 feet tall and one of the wackiest roadside attractions out there. The Peace Garden State's most popular dog, the labrador retriever, is just 21.5 to 24.5 inches tall. Verhart

Ohio: Labrador retriever

Ohio comes into the spotlight every four years when there's a presidential election; it's seen as the ultimate swing state. That means the state's labrador retrievers will see about three election cycles. The dog's average lifespan is 10 to 12 years. Verhart

Oklahoma: Labrador retriever

If we were any of the many labrador retrievers in Oklahoma, we'd want to live in Oklahoma City simply because it averages more than 300 days of sunshine each year.

Oregon: Labrador retriever

Oregon's nickname is the Beaver State, but it should be the Labrador Retriever State because that's the most popular pup in here - though, to be fair, there are a lot of beavers too.

Pennsylvania: Labrador retriever

Pennsylvania was the second state to become part of the U.S.A, and labrador retrievers are first in the ranking of most popular dog breed.

Rhode Island: Labrador retriever

Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, but the labrador retrievers don't mind. It's about quality, not quantity. Verhart

South Carolina: Labrador retriever

Just like its neighbor to the north, South Carolina's most popular dog breed is the labrador retriever.

South Dakota: Labrador retriever

Buffalo, deer, antelope, elk, porcupines, jackrabbits and prairie dogs live in South Dakota. So do a bunch of labrador retrievers.

Tennessee: Labrador retriever

The most popular dog breed in Tennessee is the labrador retriever. Davy Crockett, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney and Justin Timberlake were all born in this state.

Texas: Labrador retriever

Don't mess with Texas. The Lone Star State's favorite furry friend is the labrador retriever.

Utah: Labrador retriever

The Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City, Utah every year. Dogs aren't allowed, so please don't tell this state's favorite breed: the labrador retriever.

Vermont: Labrador retriever

Rumor has it, a Loch Ness-like monster named Champy lives in Lake Champlain bordering New York and Vermont. This urban legend does not scare the Green Mountain State's most popular dog breed: the labrador retriever.

Virginia: Labrador retriever

Dog owners in Virginia adore labrador retrievers. The lovable canine has an easygoing personality that should be an example to us all.

Washington: Labrador retriever

Washington produces more sweet cherries, apples, pears and red raspberries than any other state. It's also home to more labrador retrievers than any other dog breed.

Washington D.C.: Golden retriever

Washington, D.C. is the only municipality that favors golden retrievers over every other dog breed. Some of them have even lived in the White House, such as Gerald Ford's Liberty and Ronald Reagan's Victory.

West Virginia: German shepherd

Apart from Indiana, West Virginia is the only other state that claims the German shepherd as it's most popular dog breed. The muscular and confident canine has a willingness to do anything to protect its owner.

Wisconsin: Labrador retriever

Wisconsin loves cheese (there's a whole museum dedicated to it) and labrador retrievers. It's the Badger State's favorite breed.

Wyoming: Labrador retriever

Wyoming is the least populated state in the country, but labrador retrievers are the most popular dog in the state. As previously mentioned, this data is only inclusive of purebred breeds that are registered with the American Kennel Club but, to make things clear, we love all doggies. They're cute, they're fuzzy and they make their humans better every day. No, really - science says so.

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